100% Jamaican Black Castor Oil


Our 100% Jamaican Black Castor is great for boosting hair growth, sealing in moisture, removing and treating dandruff, prevents premature graying, conditions hair, Great Hot Oil Treatment, repairs split ends, enhances hair colour, thickens hair strands, great for steaming hair and prevents hair loss



INGREDIENTS: 100% Jamaican Black Castor Oil

From perfectly roasted Jamaican Castor Beans we give you the island’s best Jamaican Black Castor Oil to:

  • boost hair growth
  • remove and treat dandruff
  • prevent premature graying
  • condition the hair
  • repair split ends
  • enhance hair color
  • thicken hair strands and stop hair thinning
  • prevent hair loss
  • act as a great hair sealant


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