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HONEYVERA BOX with Growth Package

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The Ultimate GROWTH PACKAGE for all your hair growing needs is right here. This awesome package includes:

VeraGrow Special Blend: this is ‘power in a bottle’ with its unique blend of Jamaican herbs, hair vitamins, herbs and a rich blend of special oils it contains incredible benefits to improve and increase hair growth, restoring receding hair line and bald spots, an excellent nourishment for both hair and scalp for all ages and hair types.

Castor-Coconut Hair Oil: a rich blend of 100% Jamaican Castor Oil and Virgin Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil with great antifungal, antibacterial benefits, improving hair growth for hair and scalp, reducing split ends, stops hair breakage, stops hair breakage and hair thinning, adds shine and fullness.

Moisture Butter: Makes your hair and skin soft and smooth enriching you with vitamins. Feels so good and smells so amazing, filled with great a blend of organic butters, herbal oils and antioxidants great for both hair and skin for all ages and hair types.

 VeraMoist Shampoo: Cleanse and rejuvenate your hair naturally with HoneyVera’s VeraMoist Shampoo filled with herbal goodness that promotes hair growth, contains no sulphates, relives dandruff and rich in essential hair vitamins.

 VeraMoist Conditioner: Experience intense moisture, relief from hair breakage and an easy comb through with this bad boy. It moisturizes and softens hair with a great slip for an easy comb through and can also be used as a leave-in.

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