Hey Honey Verans! This may be you… woke up ready to start your day and BAM!!! Your pillow has an usual amount of hair on it, or your combing your hair, barely pulling on the comb and there’s a lot of hair coming out.  You tried gluing in synthetic hair or you over processed your hair and now your the girl who can no longer wear that one hair style that makes you feel fabulous anymore, because your hair line is receding and you need to hide it in some creative way. This is hair loss and Honey Vera can assist in the regrowth of your hair.

Some of you are still not sure what is causing your hair loss. So here are some reasons from Black Women Beauty Central*:

      1. Alopecia

    Alopecia is the number one cause of hair loss in Black and African American women. If you’ve ever seen someone with bald, thin edges or temple hair loss you’ve seen alopecia’s effects.

    1. Temple hair loss is usually caused by traction alopecia. It happens when hair is pulled too tightly over time and makes patches fall out completely.
      1. Hormones and Hair Loss

    Hormones control every function in our body including how our hair grows and sheds. When they’re out of whack it can cause problems with our hair growth rates and cycles.

    1. Hormone issues caused by thyroid or estrogen imbalance shorten the growth phase of the hair growth cycle and speeds up the shedding phase. Over time this leads to obvious thinning and bald patches.
      1. Hereditary Hair Loss

    If the women in your family have hair loss issues there’s a chance that you will too. You can’t do anything to prevent genetic hair loss but you can slow it down with the right products and reverse it with hair replacement technology.

      1. Itchy Scalp and Hair Loss

    A healthy scalp is important to growing and maintaining healthy hair. Issues like psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis (the fancy term for eczema) and other itchy scalp conditions can cause hair loss in Black and African American women.

      1. Illness and Hair Loss

    I’ve known a lot of people who’ve suffered with cancer and nothing stands out more than the hair loss they go through after chemotherapy. Being sick and taking certain medications can make your hair fall out. Once you get better or come off the medicine the hair starts to grow back.

    1. Lack of Vitamin D

Another cause of thinning that’s not as well-known is vitamin d deficiency hair loss. This vitamin affects our hair growth cycle. If there’s not enough in the body the growth phase shortens and the shedding phase gets longer causing hair to thin out.

Can menopause cause hair loss?

Yes, menopause and any other major physical change (e.g. pregnancy) can cause hair loss. It changes the hormonal balance of the body which affects normal hair growth patterns.

Can stress cause hair loss?

Yes it can. I’ve been a victim of this myself. My early college years were a very rough time for me and my hair thinned out a lot over a period of a few months. I was as healthy as a horse otherwise so I know the hair loss was a direct result of my state of mind.

If you’re a super woman who works long hours and juggles taking care of the kids, husband and home, remember to take a well-deserved break for yourself every once in a while.



Honey Vera’s VERAGROW is water-based, oil free and organic-based. It contains herbs and plants that assist with the regrowth of hair and hair breakage. Here are some of these herbs and plants:

ALOE VERA- Relieves Scalp Itching, reduces Scalp Redness & Inflammation, adds Strength & Luster To Hair, is pH Balancing, promotes hair growth, heals scalps, affected by Psoriasis & Seborrhea, has Anti- Fungal properties, alleviates dandruff and helps Hair Retain Water & Moisture.

NETTLE is a very important and useful plant that is loaded with hair growing benefits. It is also referred to as the Urtica Diocia. It is an herb that helps in preventing the conversion of testosterone hormones into dihydrotestosterone, which is the main cause for hair loss.

ROSEMARY helps in reducing hair thinning and balding. It will help in improving the circulation of the scalp and this will in turn help in hair growth and thus is used to treat alopecia, rosemary also adds a beautiful aroma to the product.

COMFREY: Speeds healing to prevent to prevent the formation of abnormal scabs, also a source of vitamin B12 that helps to stimulate hair follicle cells and increases growth.

TUNA/ PRICKLY PEAR/OPUNTIA– Rejuvenates heat damaged hair. Stimulate hair growth, prevents hair loss and eliminates dandruff. The prickly pear is high in amino acids, iron and protein, which are nutrients that are necessary for hair growth and promotes hair softness.

LEMON GRASS– Repairs and cleanses the hair. Lemongrass oil included in SIETE HERBS hair tonic promotes thick and lustrous hair. It acts as a natural moisturizer and can prevent dry scalp and dandruff.

MORINGA– Known as ‘the miracle herb’ or the ‘heals all’ herb has shown significant aid in healing of the skin and thus promotes healthy scalp condition, which in turn promotes growth of healthy growing hair. Moringa contains all the essential amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins that are needed to grow, repair and maintain cells. It is also rich in vitamin A for healthy hair.

ANAMU/GUINEA HEN WEED– Kills bacteria and fungi, reduces inflammation, reduces free radicals.

GINGER naturally makes your scalp healthier and stronger, it is also an effective remedy of dandruff, helps to fight dry hair and boost your hair growth. Ginger contains some circulatory agents. These help to increase the circulation and blood flow through the scalp, which improves the growth of hair follicles. Ginger is also rich in fatty acids. It helps prevent the thinning of hair, which leads to the reduction of hair loss.

CINNAMON– Cinnamon contains chemical compounds like eugenol and cinnamaldehyde. These offer antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial, which helps with hair problems by preventing fungal and bacterial infections of the scalp. Cinnamon also aids in hair loss by channeling blood flow to the scalp and stimulating hair growth.

Now you know! VeraGrow is available in the Caribbean and in the United States